IPW Meet-ups


Insulin Pumps Wales have held meetups in both North Wales (Llandudno) and South Wales (Swansea) in 2017. These events were attended by both adults and children with diabetes as well as parents and carers of those with diabetes.

For those with diabetes, the attendees included existing and experienced insulin pumpers, newbie pumpers and those on multiple daily injections (MDI) who are interested in insulin pump therapy (wannabe pumpers).






meetups-2.jpgThrough both of these meet up sessions the Insulin Pumps Wales team were able to inform everyone about the function of Insulin Pumps Wales and to advise the groups about what was happening across Wales. Despite the need for this introduction and update, the most important aspect that came from these meet ups was the psychological impact of peer support, through the sharing of real-life experiences of day-to-day life with diabetes. These meet ups offer a wonderful opportunity for those across Wales to meet with fellow people with diabetes, many of whom are insulin pump users. The range of knowledge and usability of the different insulin pumps was invaluable to many of the attendees, as well as giving people the opportunity to explore the suitability of insulin pump therapy to their individual lifestyles and diabetes management.

In addition to the fantastic peer support at these meet ups, there was also the creative and instrumental ideas and suggestions for patient resources that both of the groups recommended. Through these sessions, resources have been developed by insulin pump users to help support other insulin pump users in Wales and the whole UK.

If you would like to be a part of our future meet ups then please do keep an eye on our Events page for further details and information. Why not also like our Insulin Pumps Wales Facebook page where regular updates and event details are posted. Our next meet up dates and locations will be shared with you very soon…