Welcome to Insulin Pump Wales!

The Wales National Insulin Pump Network (Insulin Pumps Wales) has been developed to work collaboratively across the diabetes community in Wales and with stakeholders across the UK to develop and maintain the highest standard of care possible to people living with Type 1 diabetes in Wales.

Who can be a member?
Every diabetes centre that provides CSII therapy is automatically a member of the health care professional network – there are currently 16 centres across Wales. The network is also open to any health care professional who has an interest in CSII therapy in Wales or wants to learn more.

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What are we hoping to achieve?
The network aims to work with health care professionals and people living with diabetes co-creatively across Wales to "Educate, Empower, Evaluate and Evolve" in order to improve the standard of diabetes care in Wales aligned to the Wales Diabetes Delivery Plan (2016-2020) and UK & International best practice guidelines.

Educate  Empower Evaluate Evolve 
Supporting health care professionals both diabetes specialists and non-specialist teams, and people living with diabetes to improve knowledge and confidence in CSII therapy. Collaboration across Wales and the rest of the UK and internationally, working together to enable a world-class service that is delivered to people living with diabetes as our focus Regular assessment of the services we provide across Wales through national and local audits in addition to patient experience and feedback Keeping up to date with the latest in insulin pump therapy and other related technologies developed to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Also ensuring that services continue to evolve to accommodate date the latest technology and guidance.

What activities / support do Insulin Pumps Wales provide?